“Music is the Sound of Life” <br /> Carl Nielsen

Espansiva! takes its title from Carl Nielsen’s third symphony. It was the first work to bring the composer real international success. One German critic called it “a mighty animating call from the North” and Nielsen’s biographer wrote that it “represents that rare thing: the state of perfect health – mental and physical.”

This was the inspiration for creating a brand new mentoring programme to run alongside the 2022 competition, offering participants advice and insight during their time in Odense, at a time when supporting the next generation is more important than ever.

Espansiva!  presents 10 inspiring talks from guest experts, soloists and musicians and 4 complementary workshops which offer participants the chance to reflect, grow and flourish. There will also be the opportunity for individual conversations with members of the Espansiva! team  and each evening both participants and guest speakers are invited to relax and eat together at the aptly named Anarkist brewery.

Espansiva! takes inspiration from Carl Nielsen’s optimistic, outward-looking and fun-loving approach to music and life and it is our hope that we can offer this year’s participants a competition experience that both stretches and inspires.

Carl Nielsen with his daughter Irmelin


April 3 • 1600-1730  • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 1 “Focus on Woodwind”
The opportunity to hear about the career paths of three leading woodwind players and how the musical landscape is evolving
Karl-Heinz Schutz / Emily Beynon / Gilbert Audin / moderated by Gregor Zubicky
(1 hour) followed by 30 min facilitated group discussion

April 4 • 1600-1730 • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 2 “Building your Story”
An informal conversation with Paavo Järvi about a life in music both on and off stage. What are the key ingredients to building and maintaining a career, and how important is the team working alongside an artist?
Paavo Järvi  (video link) / Lucy Maxwell-Stewart / Kathryn Enticott /moderated by James Jolly
(1 hour) followed by 30 min facilitated group discussion

April 4  • 2100-2200  • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 3  “Setbacks to Success”
Informal reflections on managing disappointment and turning setbacks into success
Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider / Kathryn Enticott / Mark Williams

April 5  • 1600-1730  • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 4 “The C21 Violinist”
Three leading violinists discuss their career paths and share their insights of the ever-changing music scene
Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider / Noah Bendix-Balgley / Baiba Skride / moderated by Jacob Soelberg
(1 hour) followed by 30 min facilitated group discussion

April 6 • 1600-1730 • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 5 “Carl Nielsen: The Man and his Music”
Learn more about and be inspired by Carl Nielsen, the man and the composer
Andrew Mellor / Harald Hagaard / moderated by Finn Schumacker
(1 hour) followed by 30 min facilitated group discussion

April 7  • 1600-1730 • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 6 “Attacking the Beast of Social Media – Friend or Foe?”
What role does social media need to play in my life if I want to be heard as a performer?
Annabelle Walshe / Geoffrey John Davies (video link) / moderated by Matthew Trusler
(1 hour) followed by 30 min facilitated group discussion

April 8  • 1400-1500  • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 7
“Shining a light on the music industry”
Former professional artists, now turned music managers, share their insights from both sides of the business and offer some top tips to propel you forwards
Matthew Trusler /Alex Taylor / Davina Shum 

April 8  • 1600-1700  • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 8The Role of the Orchestra in the C21”
Join six orchestra managers as they discuss the ever-evolving role of the orchestra in society and how this affects orchestral musicians, soloists, conductors and audiences.
Mark Williams / Alex Taylor / Fredrik Andersson / Trine Mortensen / Aleksi Malmberg / moderated by Gregor Zubicky 

April 9  • 1300-1400  • Anarkist Beer & Food Lab
Talk 9
“Sharing the family secrets of the Mendelssohn violin concerto”
Norman Lebrecht talks about recent musicological research that gives new insight into the concerto’s composition

April 10  • 1135-1235  • Pro Musica Hall
Talk 10 “Living Music”
In 1925 Carl Nielsen published a short book of essays entitled ‘Living Music’, which included one of his most famous quotes: “If music were to assume human form and explain its essence, it may say something like this: ‘…I love the vast surface of silence; and it is my chief delight to break it.’”
Norman Lebrecht / Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider / Martin Fröst             


Workshop 1 “Creating Community”
A warm welcome greets you at the first workshop, where there’s the opportunity to build relationships with your fellow participants and the Espansiva! Team. We invite you to reflect on your experience of the Competition so far and begin to explore tried-and-tested tools, which will support you in your professional (and personal) life.
Trudy Wright / Kathryn Enticott / Lucy Maxwell-Stewart / Gregor Zubicky

Workshop 2 “Building your Story”
This practical and creative workshop helps you to re-imagine your own biography and, in the process, gain greater understanding of your artistic personality.
Trudy Wright /Kathryn Enticott / Lucy Maxwell-Stewart

Workshop 3 “Developing Relationships with Grit, Grace and Gratitude”
Everything’s easier when you are skilled at building positive, constructive relationships. In this interactive workshop you will have the opportunity to hone your natural, human skills which are the most effective way to build long-lasting relationships.
Trudy Wright / Kathryn Enticott / Lucy Maxwell-Stewart

Workshop 4 “The 21st Century Musician’s Toolkit”
It all comes together in this final workshop, as we build on and explore more useful and creative tools to help you thrive and flourish.
Trudy Wright / Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider


Nikolaj Szeps-Znaider, Violinist, Conductor and Music Director of Orchestre National de Lyon

Finn Schumacker, Chief Executive, Carl Nielsen Competition

Trudy Wright, Professional development coach and former Director of Harrison Parrott Ltd

Kathryn Enticott, Director, Enticott Music Management

Lucy Maxwell-Stewart, Director of Public Relations, Red House Productions

Gregor Zubicky, Artistic Director, Swedish Chamber Orchestra


Frederik AnderssonProgramme Director, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra & Konserthuset

Gilbert Audin, Principal Bassoon, Orchestra of the Paris Opera

Noah Bendix-Balgley, First Concert Master, Berlin Philharmonic

Emily Beynon, Principal Flute, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Geoffrey John Davies, Founder & Director, The Violin Channel

Martin Fröst, Clarinettist and Conductor, Music Director of the Swedish Chamber Orchestra

Harald Haugaard, Fiddler, Composer and Producer

Paavo Järvi, Director of Tonhalle Orchester Zürich, Chief Conductor of NHK Symphony Orchestra,  Artistic Director of The Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie & Estonian Festival Orchestra

James Jolly, Editor in Chief, Gramophone

Norman Lebrecht, Author

Aleksi Malmberg, General Manager, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Andrew Mellor, Writer and Broadcaster

Trine Boje Mortensen, Chief Executive, Odense Symphony Orchestra

Karl-Heinz Schütz, Principal Flute, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Davina Shum, Online Editor, The Strad

Baiba Skride, Violinist

Jacob Soelberg, Founder, Nordic Artist Management

Alex Taylor, Head of Artistic Planning, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Matthew Trusler, Founder & Director, Orchid Classics

Annabelle WalsheDigital Marketing Manager, Universal Classics

Mark Williams, Chief Executive, Toronto Symphony Orchestra